Salsa Technology

NuxGame provides Salsa Technology integration services for a well-known gambling brand that serves land-based operators and online casino owners.

In January 2020, the company was renamed into Salsa Technology (formerly Patagonia Entertainment).


Patagonia entertainment software is one of the few in the world that allows managing both land-based and online casinos simultaneously.

The system is easy to control for both the operator and the consumer of gambling services:

  1. Interaction between the land-based casino (CMS) and the online platform (OGP) is achieved through seamless API integration.
  2. The manufacturer has developed convenient and straightforward user interfaces.
  3. Patagonia casino software opens access to unlimited gambling content.

The developer's library contains such popular slot games as Bingo, Pachinko, Show Ball Plus, Pirates and Jogo dos Bichos Praia.

Salsa Technology

Salsa Technology Software in Products

The profitable Patagonia gaming products are widely adjusted by NuxGame.

Seamless Wallet API

Seamless Wallet API

Take the best from lightning-speed integration into your current website — iframe solution.

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Get ready-made platform within 48 hours - choose the turnkey solution and start growing your business with our software.

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Sport Engine

Sport Engine

We provide the core data engine, that could be shaped at your taste and integrated in your website.

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Salsa API Integration

Patagonia software for integration provided by NuxGame can be implemented in a few minutes due to built-in API tools. Our clients receive all services and options for online casino solution.

Salsa Games


Video Bingo is a worldwide popular game with 90 balls.

Candy Bingo. This exciting game has a colorful design and a lot of prizes. Interesting gameplay with useful additional features can captivate for hours.

  1. Jackpot 20,000X of the bet,
  2. Bonus game,
  3. Additional balls function,
  4. Free rounds,
  5. No autoplay.

Candy Bingo 3D. In fact, the same Candy Bingo, but with better graphics. However, the game does not lag at all and opens instantly, and no programs are required to start, except for the browser.

Farm Bingo. This game offers great additional features to the players. In addition to big jackpots, for which a player need to close special lines, there are:

  1. The function of rewriting lines, which helps to win.
  2. Possibility to purchase additional balls, and get one for free as a bonus.

Super Flex Bingo. A video game with a funny frog that can grab the attention of any gambler for a long time. Super Flex Bingo is a fun bingo variant with many bonuses.

  1. Jackpot 18000X of the stake,
  2. 13 extra balls,
  3. Free rounds,
  4. No special symbols,
  5. No autoplay.

Goal Bingo. A fun bingo game that soccer fans will surely love. High jackpots and a good RTP (92-95%) keep the players' excitement at the proper level.

Halloween Groove Bingo. Salsa Technology makes the best bingo games, and Halloween Groove Bingo is not an exception. This is a high-quality game made in the style of a popular holiday.

Super Hot Bingo. New from Patagonia. As in other bingo games of this company, players have to close the lines. Large payouts and lucrative bonuses provide an exciting gaming experience.

  1. 90 game balls,
  2. Additional balls function,
  3. 1 free extra ball,
  4. Free rounds,
  5. No autoplay function.

Super Zodiac Bingo. This awesome astrology game will not let a player get bored even for a second.

  1. 90 game balls,
  2. Big jackpot,
  3. Line rewrite function,
  4. Additional balls function,
  5. Free rounds.


Pachinko is an interesting version of bingo that can captivate you for hours. Uncover all the secrets of Japan and come back with a good win.

Pachinko5. This addicting instant payout game grabs the attention of players for a long time.

  1. Jackpot 3000X of the bet,
  2. Additional balls,
  3. No Wilds,
  4. No free spins,
  5. No bonus game.

Pachinko 3D. It is a fun Japanese-style version of bingo with colorful graphics.

Super Pachinko. The slot has an excellent soundtrack and, thanks to high-quality optimization, absolutely does not slow down and loads in a matter of moments.

  1. RTP – 91-94%.
  2. The maximum possible winnings are 15000X of the stake.

Super Pachinko Plus. It is a very addicting game from Patagonia that can give a player a lot of adrenaline.

  1. 90 game balls,
  2. Additional balls function,
  3. Game history function,
  4. No free rounds,
  5. No special symbols.

Show Ball Plus

Here is another fun bingo variation. Players must choose their bet and close the lines.

  1. 90 balls,
  2. Additional balls function,
  3. Free rounds,
  4. No autoplay,
  5. No special symbols.


It is a bingo game with amazing bonuses. Players can join the pirate team and try to win a big treasure prize. Exciting gameplay awaits them that can captivate for hours.

  1. Jackpot 10000X of the bet,
  2. Additional balls,
  3. Free spins feature,
  4. No autoplay function,
  5. No Wild symbols.

Jogo dos Bichos Praia

The slot has a bright design and many different bonuses. Designed in a relaxed tropical island atmosphere. Like all games from Patagonia Jogo dos Bichos Praia has:

  1. Huge jackpots,
  2. Great soundtrack,
  3. Excellent optimization.

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