Terms and Conditions


That page contains a document — a legal agreement between NuxGame and the User (you). 

“User” means that you use products and services provided by us, NuxGame.

The provisions of this document are used as the basis for the relationship with Users from the moment the User accepts the agreement.

The terms “User,” “you,” “your” and other relevant words refer to you, our User. We, “our,” “us” and other relevant terms refer to the NuxGame. This organization operates the studio according to the rules described in this document. 

NuxGame refers to a website with the URL nuxgame.com and its subdomains. 

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully before using NuxGame products and services. You must agree to this document and accept the agreement by clicking the appropriate button. If you do not agree with the terms & conditions below, you may not use our products and services.

Information about NuxGame

NuxGame is a studio that develops and promotes its products/services, which allow professionals to create their own brand in the gambling industry. With our products, you can create your own websites, programs, and technical tools, including those related to statistics, data tracking, asset management, etc. 

You can send a request to enter the NuxGame network of commercial partners. The nuxgame.com website presents existing solutions. No commercial transactions are made on it.

Sign up for NuxGame

To use NuxGame products and services, Users must register. They must provide true and complete data in the appropriate form offered on our website. Users must also accept the Privacy Policy and these Terms and Conditions. 

Remember that Users are responsible for keeping their credentials confidential. For our part, we take all measures to protect the personal and financial data of our Users.

Deleting User and Account termination

Registered Users can delete their accounts and stop using our products and services at any time. This process goes through the interface of the NuxGame website or through direct contact.

NuxGame, in turn, has the right to block or delete a User account at any time without warning. This action is performed in case the User has violated the Terms & Conditions of the website.

NuxGame has the right to suspend or terminate the account in the following situations:

  • The account does not comply with or violates the rules of the agreement for any reason, at Nuxgame sole discretion.
  • In the event that the account is involved in legal action and/or somehow involves the government.
  • If the use of NuxGame products/services violates the law or regulations.
  • If the use of NuxGame products/services may cause damage to the Nuxgame, other Users, or third parties.
  • If the User has violated any terms of the agreement.

One of the above reasons suffices to suspend or terminate any account.

Content available on NuxGame

NuxGame content is protected by law, namely intellectual property rights and by related international treaties. The use of content or any part of it is only permitted with restrictions set forth in the present clause, unless otherwise specifically stated.

NuxGame grants the User a personal, non-assignable, and non-exclusive license to use the content. The term of the license is the same as the term of the agreement. This license allows only personal use of any NuxGame content on the User's personal device. Commercial use is not permitted under this license.

The User may not do the following with NuxGame content:

  • Copy 
  • Download 
  • Share 
  • Modify
  • Publish
  • Transmit to 
  • Sell
  • Sublicense
  • Edit 
  • Transfer/assign to third parties
  • Create derivative works from the content

It is also prohibited for any third party to do so through the User or their device, even without User's knowledge. 

The User must be authorized to upload and/or commission and/or share NuxGame content, and only for personal use. In doing so, all copyright and other content requested by Nuxgame must be observed and properly applied.

Content provided by Users

Users are responsible for their content and the content of third parties that they share, upload and post, or transfer by any other means on the site or through NuxGame. Users confirm that they have all the necessary consents from third parties to the above-described content operations. 

By doing so, Users confirm that they have no liability or claim against NuxGame related to the illegal distribution of content or illegal use of the studio's products and services.

NuxGame does not in any way moderate the content published by the User or third parties through the User. However, NuxGame is entitled to modify or interrupt the visualization of said content in the following situations:

  • If it is considered that the content may put the User, third parties, the website, and/or NuxGame at risk.
  • If it is considered that the said action is solicited by a public authority.
  • If a decision to modify or interrupt the visualization of said content is made in view of, or as a result of, legal actions.
  • If NuxGame has been notified of the infringement of intellectual property rights.
  • If other complaints have been received from Users.

Rights over content provided by Users

The User submits, posts, or displays content on or through NuxGame, thus giving the license to the studio. This permission is non-exclusive, royalty-free, and with the right to sublicense, and applies without territorial limits. According to this license, NuxGame have the right:

  • To use
  • Copy
  • Reproduce
  • Process
  • Adapt
  • Modify
  • Publish
  • Transmit
  • Display
  • Distribute such content in any media or via methods currently available or developed later.

Content provided by third parties

NuxGame does not moderate content or links provided by third parties. NuxGame are not responsible for the content distributed by third parties.

Services provided by third parties

Users can use services or content provided by third parties on or through NuxGame. They must be aware of the terms & conditions of these third parties and accept their agreements. In no case does Nuxgame become in relation to the proper functionality and/or availability of third-party services.

Forbidden use

Products, services, and the NuxGame website may only be used in accordance with the above provisions. Users should not perform the following actions:

  • Use NuxGame and related products/services in a way that violates the Terms & Conditions.
  • Manipulate identity to hide the origin of their messages or content.
  • Hide the identity or steal someone else's. 
  • Pretending to be a third party or its representative, unless otherwise specified in the agreement with the third party.
  • Probe, scan or test the vulnerability of NuxGame, its website, products, services, or any network associated with them. 
  • Violate the security or authentication measures of NuxGame.
  • Register or use the website to promote, sell, or advertise products/services.
  • Seize other people's accounts.
  • Distribute or publish content that is unlawful, obscene, illegitimate, defamatory, or inappropriate.
  • Defame, abuse, harass, use threatening practices.
  • Threaten or violate the legal rights of Users, third parties, or NuxGame in any way.
  • Rent, lease, or sublicense NuxGame.
  • Use robots, spiders/crawlers, and/or other automated devices/processes to access, retrieve, scrape, and/or index NuxGame and the content posted on the website.
  • Copy, store, edit, modify, prepare any derivative work of or alter any of the NuxGame content by any means.
  • Bypass any NuxGame technology used to protect the content.
  • Reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, modify or create derivative works of any of the NuxGame content by any means.

Disclaimer of warranties

NuxGame provides products and services to Users strictly based on “As is”. NuxGame disclaims all conditions, representations, and warranties, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise. This includes, without limitation, any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of third party rights.

NuxGame makes no warranties or representations as to the accuracy of any content. NuxGame assumes no liability or responsibility for any situation:

  • Does not endorse, warrant, guarantee, or assume responsibility for any event, product, or service available through products/services/website of NuxGame.
  • No action shall create any warranty not expressly stated in this agreement.
  • The above warranty exclusions may not apply to you if you are resident at jurisdiction which does not allow the exclusion of warranties.
  • Any damage or loss resulting from using NuxGame.
  • Any access to your device.
  • Any access to information available through your device.
  • Any viruses, bugs, and/or other malware in the Service or transferred through the services or through the actions of any third party.
  • Any interruption of the Service.
  • Any unauthorized access and/or using our systems.
  • Any information accessible through such systems.
  • Any personal injury or property damage of any nature resulting from your access and using of NuxGame.
  • Any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions in any content, placed or distributed through NuxGame.

NuxGame does not guarantee the accurateness or validity of the content of this website. The information was provided as a guideline and should not at any time be interpreted as legal advice, it is, therefore, being given without warranty of any kind.

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