Anjouan Gambling License

The iGaming landscape is continually shifting. For years, Curaçao has been the go-to destination for iGaming businesses seeking a reputable license. However, recent changes to its licensing system have prompted operators to scout for alternatives, with Anjouan emerging as a top contender.

Discover Anjouan License: A New Horizon for iGaming Licensing

Nestled in the Comoros archipelago, Anjouan, an island off Mozambique's coast in the Indian Ocean, is making waves in the iGaming community. Historically overshadowed in the industry, it's now gaining traction among operators, thanks to its user-friendly application process and versatile licensing system.

One of Anjouan's standout features is the ability to consolidate different gambling activities under a single license. This is in contrast to many other jurisdictions that necessitate individual licenses for each gambling category.

While Anjouan's licensing standards are undeniably stringent, the benefits are tempting. The application process mandates submission of vital documents like a business plan, platform T&Cs, and policies pertaining to KYC, AML, underage participation prevention, and ensuring fair play.

Prospective licensees must pass thorough data verification and technical compliance tests. The island's regulatory authorities also ascertain the applicant's fiscal robustness, business credibility, and adherence to all legal mandates. The cherry on top? Once licensed, iGaming enterprises can leverage Anjouan's tantalizing 0% tax rate. Plus, the license has a one-year tenure with the option to renew.

NuxGame Anjouan license solution

The iGaming landscape is vast, and while Anjouan's process is streamlined, the risk of overlooked details remains. That's where we come in.

NuxGame offers end-to-end assistance for Anjouan's licensing. Our experts are well-versed in every facet of the application, ensuring you a smooth and successful licensing journey.