Affiliate and Agent Systems

Affiliate and Agent Systems: Crucial Modules for Online Casino Promotion

24 November 2021

Affiliate and agent systems are the modules that are used for the promotion of the casino, attraction of new clients, and increasing the number of bets. In the iGaming platform structure, the systems are optional, however, they are widely employed by operators of any scale to boost the brand and increase the GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue) of the online casino or a sports betting website. In the present editorial, we will talk about how both systems work and how they can serve your business. As an example, we will use the Affiliate and Agent Systems of the NuxGame platform.

Affiliate System Advantages

An affiliate management system is a typical iGaming platform module for creating a wide affiliate network for the promotion of your brand and attraction of new players. The affiliates are free to register in your system if they are interested in earning commission for referring players to your website. The affiliate system back-office features all required promotional materials like banners that feature referral links to your online casino or sportsbook. Such affiliates will publish promo materials on the website, offering the visitors to go to the brand website by simply clicking on the promo banner.

Affiliate systems are widely used by brands of any scope and focus - this type of marketing proves its effectiveness in iGaming regardless of your casino type and zone of operation. That’s why this type of promotion is especially popular among younger brands - the ones that can not afford costly marketing efforts. In its turn, affiliate marketing does not require any sufficient investment to get the brand promotion started.

Affiliate commissions

Affiliate managers receive commission payments for every acquisition. Depending on the nature of the agreement between the parties, the payment may be credited either for a player registration or, more often, for the deposit that the referred player makes. Once again, depending on the terms of the agreement, the commission can be paid on regular basis or only once for the very first deposit of the player.

There are several wide-spread commission types for affiliates:

  • CPA (Cost Per Action/Cost Per Acquisition) - a commission is paid for a deposit made by a player.
  • Revenue Share - a commission is a fixed percentage of the GGR generated by the player.
  • Turnover - a commission paid for the referred players’ bets without taking the winning into account.
  • Hybrid - most likely the commission plan that combines elements of CPA and Revenue Share plans.

As you can see, you can build a wide affiliate network pretty fast if you will own a practical affiliate system and will be able to offer a decent commission for the referred players’ bets.

Affiliate system user features

As you probably understand, not all affiliate systems are the same - some are pretty basic, while others offer complex instruments for fine-tuning and even collecting detailed statistics on your network. It is always a benefit to have financial data of your system operation, information on individual affiliates, the efficiency of different promo materials that you provide to your affiliates.

NuxGame affiliate system allows smart configuration of your dashboard as a system manager, arranging your menus and icons according to your workflow. Also, the user can extract any kind of financial statistics - revenue by time period, GGR reports, and financial statistics on individual affiliate agents. Also, as a system administrator, you have the right to assign roles to all the registered users - assign affiliates to either casino or sportsbook, limit access of users to certain system menus, etc.

Agent System Advantages

Agents are iGaming managers who are allowed to represent their clients as an in-between and to make bets on different games and events on behalf of the client. The agent system software is an online casino module that makes it possible to build such a network on your iGaming website. The agent network can grow really big - the system allows building a multi-level structure with hundreds of agents and sub-agents, who will be making thousands of bets in your online casino on a regular basis.

Agent commissions

In most cases, agent commissions are calculated according to the GGR model. In other words, the agent or sub-agent is earning a fixed percentage of the player’s bets after the winnings were subtracted from this amount.

Agent system user features

Agents and sub-agents are allowed to create accounts in the system and make bets on sportsbook events or play online casino games. System administrators can get the entire financial statistics for any selected period and for every separate agent. If necessary, the administrators can limit the agent’s access to the system or any of the menus and functions that are available to them by default.

Closing Thoughts

In a nutshell, Affiliate and Agents systems are powerful marketing tools for iGaming businesses that allow employing third parties for the promotion of your brand. As marketing methods, affiliate and agent systems are especially popular in the iGaming business for the following benefits:

  • Inexpensive - you pay for referred players and complete bets, not for costly promotion on partner websites.
  • Time-saving - the systems can generate revenue without your direct involvement.
  • Transparent - you receive the information about referred players, statistics on every affiliate or agent, etc.

Affiliate and Agent Systems are highly recommended for the promotion of the new online casinos and sportsbooks because they allow businesses to save considerable amounts of time and money.

All information is provided on “AS IS” bases and should be used for general guidance on matters of interest only. The products and services are continually developing.

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