At NuxGame, we are committed to continually enhancing the functionality and user experience on our platform. This April, we are excited to introduce a series of updates designed to enrich your operations and meet the dynamic needs of operators and players alike. From introducing new betting options in sportsbook to integrating advanced security measures, each update is geared towards providing innovative solutions that streamline processes and enhance user engagement.

New Sportsbook Freebet Bonus

We are thrilled to announce the addition of a new Sportsbook Freebet Bonus, an exciting opportunity for both novice and seasoned bettors to engage more deeply with our sports betting offerings.

This bonus includes three distinct types of bets to cater to diverse betting strategies:

  • Bet Refund: Get peace of mind with a refund on your bets under certain conditions.

  • Free Money: Receive additional funds to place bets, increasing your chances of winning.

  • No-Risk Bet: Place a bet without the risk of losing money, perfect for trying out new strategies.

Implementing In-Game Currency Converter

To enhance the flexibility of transactions within our platform, we have implemented an in-game currency converter for single-balance operators, supporting both USD and EUR.

This feature is designed to:

  • Increase the convenience and flexibility of currency management.

  • Encourage more operators to adopt single-balance configurations.

  • Ensure accurate tracking of currency conversions, betting activity, and comprehensive reporting in system analytics.

Jumio KYC Integration

In our ongoing effort to enhance platform security and comply with regulatory requirements, we have integrated the Jumio KYC (Know Your Customer) system.

This integration allows for a customizable verification process, essential for:

  • Enhancing user trust by ensuring all transactions are transparent and verified.

  • Preventing fraudulent activities and maintaining compliance with legal standards.

  • Providing a safer and more reliable service, particularly in financial transactions.

UX Enhancement: Wallet ID Column

In response to user feedback, we've added a Wallet ID column to the Deposits/Withdrawals section for multi-balance companies.

User Impact:
This update enhances the user experience by:

  • Improving the understanding of transaction origins.

  • Streamlining financial management across different wallets.

Active Bonus Game Restriction

To mitigate bonus abuse and clarify bonus wagering rules, we have introduced a new feature that restricts gameplay in certain contexts.

Features and Benefits:
Key enhancements include:

  • Disabling non-eligible games for wallets with an active bonus.

  • Visually marking restricted games to avoid player confusion.

  • Refining the wager bonus page to display only eligible games, enhancing compliance and transparency.


Our April updates are part of NuxGame’s ongoing commitment to enhance your gaming experience and operational efficiency. Each feature has been developed with the needs of our clients in mind, ensuring that our platform not only meets but exceeds the expectations of both operators and their customers.

We invite all operators to explore these new features and see how they can transform your gaming operations. Connect with us and share your experiences and insights.