At NuxGame, we are constantly striving for innovation and improvement, to provide our casino operator clients with cutting-edge technological solutions. Our latest platform updates are aimed at enhancing flexibility, manageability, and user experience, marking a significant step in our pursuit of excellence.

December Updates

1. Excluding Live Games from Cashback Calculation:

  • We've added an option to our Tier system that allows the exclusion of Live games from cashback calculations. This gives operators more control over their loyalty programs, enabling them to tailor these programs to better meet the needs and preferences of their players.

2. Ability to Use Float Values for Tier Program Settings:

  • Our latest modification allows the setting of float values for settings fields in our Tier system. Operators can now set float values for specific fields like sports and casino turnover, cashback percentage, and maximum monthly payout.

3. Additional Info in Payment Control Section in CC and Admin Panel:

  • We've updated the UI design for Cryptocurrency Settings in the Control Center and Operator Admin Panel, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

4. Ability to Specify How Product Points Will Be Displayed to End Users, Changes to Rounding of Product Points During Calculation:

  • We've removed rounding for product points calculation, ensuring that no matter how small the bet amount is, players will still earn points. Additionally, we've added an option that allows specifying how many digits after the decimal point players will see in their wallet and shop for product points.

5. Fix Casino Bets Tracking:

  • This allows the admin panel user to change the display of betting times.

6. Use Tournament:

  • A 'Use Tournament' setting has been added to the platform settings. It enables tournament games for API platforms. The marker will change to 'Failed'. 'Used Tournament' will be added under the platform type.

7. Message Center Improvements:

  • We are deploying a new version of the message center in the admin panel. What's changed: we are adding a new multi-language component, which improves UX and allows the use of different languages for both the title and description. The position of the banner upload field has been changed.

8. Exclude the Soft from Platform GGR Calculation:

  • The new action that allows users to exclude/include softs from the platform GGR calculation has been added to the Edit softs page.

9. Additional Permissions Set for User Roles:

  • We have added the previously hard-coded permissions to the roles setting page. This permissions set includes: View Soft Percents, View All Platforms, Assign Users To Platforms, Avoid 2FA Reset.

10. Additional Chat Settings in Control Center:

  • We have added an additional setting that allows changing the chat's default behavior. Admins can choose between having the chat open for wide screens (current behavior) or having it always closed by default.

11. Risk Management Module:

  • Added functionality for adding limit values. Limit values are divided into 2 types: Limit values for operator/provider notification; Limit values at which it is recommended to block withdrawal of funds for the user.

12. Custom Registration Form for Topic:

  • Updates will be deployed only for the topic and one of the templates. Changes will include a form with predefined fields and the ability to register/login using either email or phone number.

13. Solitics SDK Integration:

  • This integration allows you to configure the transfer of data about user behavior after login or registration. The system tracks every player action (for example, going to a page, pressing a button, opening a popup, etc.). This data allows our clients to understand detailed analytics on user behavior on the platform.

14. Bonus Game Filters:

  • Games Filter functionality has been added to the bonus settings. It is divided into 4 steps and allows you to select the available games for the bonus: Provider, Type, Category, Game.

15. Bonus Wagering Requirements Overrides:

  • The Wagering Requirements Overrides functionality has been added to the bonus settings. It allows you to overcome the global wagering limits set by the operators. And it will be calculated based on the % of the stake that will be taken into account for each spin, not the wagering times. Several overrides can be set based on provider level, type, category, or game level.


These comprehensive updates to the NuxGame platform are more than just enhancements; they represent a leap forward in the world of iGaming. By offering advanced features like flexible cashback calculations, customizable settings in our Tier program, and sophisticated risk management tools, we're not only meeting the current needs of casino operators but also anticipating future trends. With our commitment to continuous innovation, NuxGame remains at the forefront of providing solutions that are both cutting-edge and user-centric. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to evolve and elevate the gaming experience for operators and players alike!