Discover the newest features and improvements that have recently landed on our platform, bringing a fresh layer of excitement and convenience to your gaming experience. From innovative payment solutions to thrilling PVP battles and revamped user profiles, we're here to take your journey with NuxGame to the next level.
Let's dive into the details of these game-changing updates:

Efficient Crypto Asset Management

CryptoApi Payment is a standard payment method used for both deposits and withdrawals. However, there's a key feature that sets it apart: once a player chooses to deposit using the CryptoApi, we associate the provided crypto address with that specific user.
But why is this necessary?
This setup allows any payments made to the saved address, even those not routed through the platform, to be automatically credited to the player's balance on our platform. It thus simplifies and streamlines the deposit process for the user.

PVP battles 

With this exciting new amazing feature, users now have the ability to craft their own PVP battles, or jump into competitive arenas established by their fellow users. This feature revolves around a captivating spin game, where the outcome depends on the winning conditions determined by the battle creator

The ultimate goal? Victory, of course! The winner walks away with the jackpot, which is an accumulation of product points collected from each participant. This dynamic new feature adds an exhilarating edge to our platform, transforming points into tangible rewards and incentives. Let the battles begin!

New User Profile and Statistic

Experience the transformative evolution of our User Information Page! We've moved away from the limitations of a static format and introduced an engaging, interactive approach.
Following our recent update, we've brilliantly segmented user information into responsive pop-up modules. This fresh, dynamic design offers you a more personalized, intuitive, and immersive user experience like never before.

Introducing Wallet Interface Changes with Additional Controls

The wallet interface for a single company has undergone significant changes. The previous location of the wallet settings has been shifted, and now users can find them in the center of the header. Instead of a drop-down list, the new interface displays essential information directly, including the user's current balance and the amount of product points they have accumulated. 
Notably, if a user has an active bonus, it is now conveniently displayed right below the balance,providing a clearer and more streamlined view of their wallet status. These changes aim to enhance user experience and improve accessibility to critical wallet information.