NuxGame is a great way of GoldenRace integration – a world-renowned provider of virtual betting games. This company has been providing its products since 2006 and there are many offline and online establishments among its clients. Almost every year the company wins the best virtual product nominations.

During its existence, GoldenRace was able to occupy several niches of gambling at the same time: Video races, Virtual sports, Lotto and Fights in real-time.


GoldenRace clients have access to:

  1. Virtual sports in 3D;
  2. Video sports;
  3. Casino and number games;
  4. Broadcast of games online;
  5. AccessBET Livescore service.

Benefits for our partners:

  1. Stable work of technical support, cash program;
  2. Functional back office with reporting tools;
  3. Control and management of the business in real-time;
  4. Multi-currency and multilingual platform;
  5. Low system cost and fast return on investment.

The most popular GoldenRace virtual games: Horse Racing, Spin 2 Win, Virtual Football and Keno.


GoldenRace Software in Products

NuxGame is pleased to provide you with the opportunity to use GoldenRace virtual sports through the following products.

Seamless Wallet API

Seamless Wallet API

Take the best from lightning-speed integration into your current website — iframe solution.

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Get ready-made platform within 48 hours - choose the turnkey solution and start growing your business with our software.

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Sport Engine

Sport Engine

We provide the core data engine, that could be shaped at your taste and integrated in your website.

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GoldenRace API Integration

NuxGame unified API integration makes it easy to connect all virtual sports software to any website. Our specialists are always watching for new requests from operators. An experienced technical support team is ready to solve all possible problems and answer even the most difficult questions at any time. Technical support is available 24/7.

Benefits of GoldenRace games integration:

  1. High demand: 400+ operators, 15,000,000+ bids processed daily;
  2. Reliable and experienced partner;
  3. Wide range of content;
  4. All games are licensed and certified;
  5. Exceptional quality of animation and sound;
  6. Full customization: jackpots, planning, odds, etc.;
  7. Business solutions to support growth.

GoldenRace Games

Benefits for players:

  • Variety of games (including Races, Speedway, Keno), attractive bonuses, popular paid and free game applications;
  • Possibility of continuous play anywhere – at bookmaker's office or online from home;
  • Adaptation for the display size.


The fast-developing modern approach to French roulette with some unique features and frequent winnings attracts players – they highly appreciate this game!

Bet counters show activity in real-time – various modes are available to create excitement and reward players. Main features of Spin2Win – the fast play and frequent wins!

Players can:

  1. Guess the number;
  2. Make odd or even bet;
  3. Guess the color;
  4. Bet on dozen;
  5. Have pleasure from bright, clean and eye-catching visualization;
  6. Use built-in player retention solutions.


Unlike games with a live dealer, virtual Keno is available to users 24/7. Players can bet on 1 to 10 numbers out of 80 available.

Keno Deluxe

Keno with additional exciting game modes and betting options. It is the most advanced version of Keno. The same game, but different betting options, more modes, more options and more excitement!

  1. 24/7;
  2. Circulation history;
  3. Certified lottery machine;
  4. Fixed ratios;
  5. Available for all devices;
  6. Full HD option.

Virtual Football

Virtual football is a simulation of the game based on football's real parameters, but taking place in virtual reality. This sport is costly to maintain and is based on mathematical algorithms embedded in the GoldenRace virtual sports software.

Your players get games of the following football leagues:

  1. Copa Libertadores;
  2. Italia League;
  3. England League;
  4. France League;
  5. SuperEuro League;
  6. Spain League;
  7. Argentina League;
  8. Peru League;
  9. Germany League.


GoldenRace presents an opportunity to place a virtual bet on the most important events in the world of motorcycle racing. Such an online virtual motorsport totalizator can bring maximum pleasure from contemplating the bright and dynamic struggle of racers for victory.


The popularity of betting on races is undeniable – this sport allows the player to taste the maximum drive and adrenaline on the race track. GoldenRace is always ready to offer its clients to become not just an observer, but also one of the participants in this sports competition. It's quite simple – place bets on auto racing and win with a chosen favorite.

Among the speedway bets provided by the GoldenRace the following bets are available:

  1. For the winner.
  2. For the first prize-winners of the competition.
  3. The rider who completes the lap the fastest.
  4. For the rider who will have the highest position in the final.
  5. For the team that will show the best results in the race.
  6. Horse Racing.

This gorgeous virtual 3D racing game captures the imagination with the beautiful realism to simulate real horse racing. The best 3D action and graphics guarantee an identity with real racetrack and horses.

Greyhound Racing

Virtual greyhound racing should be understood as a computer software simulation of racing. The format of such competitions is quite unusual without a real hound. The struggle is at the level of software algorithms. The artificial form of origin did not affect the extreme popularity of this discipline of Internet betting throughout the United States, Great Britain, as well as many other European countries.

The following types of bets are the most popular among virtual horse racing:

  1. Bet on the winner of the race.
  2. Bet on a prize place.
  3. A bet on the determination of the first two finishers.
  4. Tricast rate.

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