SmartSoft Gaming

SmartSoft Gaming is an advanced gaming developer that has been producing first-class casino games using modern technologies since 2015. SmartSoft Gaming has years of experience in online casino software development and dozens of games in its portfolio.

SmartSoft Gaming is a rapidly growing provider. It is constantly evolving, applying the most innovative technologies, creating player-oriented products. Most of SmartSoft’s games are cross-platform, allowing players to play wherever and whenever they want.

Through cooperation with Nuxgame, SmartSoft Gaming integration can be produced easily and ASAP.


  1. Modern games of high quality;
  2. Cross-platform content with HTML5 technology;
  3. Highly professional support 24 hours a day;
  4. A wide range of supported languages and currencies.

SmartSoft Gaming offers games of the following types: Slots, Casino games, Live Roulette, PVP games, Bingo & Keno, Mini-games, and exclusive Jet X.

SmartSoft Gaming

SmartSoft Software in Products

SmartSoft casino software integration can be performed via a package of Nuxgame products.

Seamless Wallet API

Seamless Wallet API

Take the best from lightning-speed integration into your current website — iframe solution.

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Get ready-made platform within 48 hours - choose the turnkey solution and start growing your business with our software.

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Sport Engine

Sport Engine

We provide the core data engine, that could be shaped at your taste and integrated in your website.

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SmartSoft API Integration

With the Nuxgame API solutions, you can integrate all great games from SmartSoft Gaming into your casino website, which will help you attract new players and keep old ones. Nuxgame is a trustworthy online casino provider and offers fast and secure game integration from SmartSoft. Besides, SmartSoft Gaming's Live Roulette is a part of Nuxgame's live casino platform

Our team quickly customizes all products and helps clients become the owners of a functionally rich and attractive online casino.

SmartSoft Games

SmartSoft is a game provider using the latest technology in the industry. It creates advanced software products that are optimized for maximum performance and image quality on all devices, both stationary and mobile. The company tries to extract the maximum from its work experience and rapidly develops, constantly introducing innovative ideas and trying to make the gameplay as interesting as possible.


Online slots are a great way for players to have fun and win real money. On the other hand, it is an opportunity for online casino owner to attract new players and make more money. Slots by SmartSoft are available at any time.

Casino Games

Not all gambling software developers are focused on such content. Some offer more online slots, while SmartSoft Gaming delights players with traditional live and table games.


Online roulette remains a favourite game among table game lovers. This game includes roulette and a wheel. Although the online roulette results are determined by RNG, they are equipped with a rotating wheel for visual pleasure. 

There are many variants of this game, including:

  1. Virtual Classic Roulette, 
  2. Personal Mini Roulette, 
  3. Mini Roulette, 
  4. Personal Roulette, 
  5. Classic Roulette, 
  6. Pneumatic Roulette, 
  7. Bonus Roulette, 
  8. Cammegh Roulette, 
  9. Burning Roulette, 
  10. Virtual Burning Roulette. 

Online roulette is a fun game with a variety of betting options. That's why it is so popular with players.


Take, wait, double, or split? These are the basic questions that every blackjack player has to worry about. Online blackjack is probably the second most popular game on casino sites. 

Blackjack is a card game whose rules may differ from one game to another because it exists in many variants. The best online gambling establishments ensure that their clients have a wide choice of blackjack types.

Texas Holdem

Thanks to the huge number of broadcasts on TV, Texas Holdem (or simply "Holdem") has become the most popular form of poker in the world, both in online casinos and on poker sites. The main idea is to be able to collect the best combination of 5 cards in three rounds and win the prize.


Video poker as a gambling game has existed for many years. Poker slot machines can be found in gambling establishments all over the world. Today the game is very popular in the form of online video poker. 

SmartSoft Gaming features dozens of different variants of the game:

  1. 3 Card Poker, 
  2. Fast Poker, 
  3. Caribbean Poker, 
  4. English Poker. 

Although poker rules may differ, the goal of the game is always the same – to get the most profitable card combination possible.

Sic Bo

In Chinese, it means "a pair of dice". The game is played in ancient China and contrary to its name, the game uses three dice. The rules of the game are simple – players have to bet on a certain combination of dices. Then the dice are thrown. If the result is predicted correctly, the player wins; if not - loses. Players can make multiple bets simultaneously.

Live Roulette

Gamblers can play an exciting live roulette from SmartSoft Gaming, where all usual bets are available. By playing with real croupiers and high-resolution cameras, your clients will be able to fill the game at 100%. And the sound effects will make this feeling even more complete.

Live roulette online fits skeptics who simply cannot force themselves to trust the 3D ball that spins around the wheel. For them, it is much more important to be able to observe a living person launch a real ball.

PVP Games

PVP (Player Versus Player) is a variant of online gaming between multiple users at the game table. This type of game is characterized by a high level of excitement, and players often devote long hours to the chosen game.

Japanese Joker

In the Japanese Joker, two players play against each other, with a deck of 36 (sometimes 38) cards in which the Joker also participates. At the beginning of the game, each player has 3 cards, based on which one of the players chooses a trump card. A trump card can be of any suit or the game can go without it. The suit of a trump has advantages over other cards. During the game, the player's task is to take more cards, as whoever gets more cards wins.


The Bura is a card game for two. The Bura can go with three or five cards. The player wins by scoring 31 points and announcing that he has already scored 31 points or has collected a combination of 3 cards.

In the 5-card game, the player should score 62 or more points. If a player has more than one card of the same suit at the beginning, this player will act first.


Players like this game because of its simplicity and gambling. 

Dice has two modes: 

  1. one player wins against the other if the total number of values dropped on the bones is greater;
  2. the winner is the one who collected more pairs of bones, or the one with higher-order pairs (e.g., pair 5 and 5>pair 4 and 4).

Bingo & Keno

In both of these games, players must guess the numbers (or their combinations). Naturally, the more numbers the player guesses, and the longer his or her combination is, the greater the win.

Classic Keno

It is a game where the player chooses from 1 to 80 at will. He or she can choose from 1 to 10 numbers. After that, the program automatically selects 20 numbers. In the case of a match, the player wins or loses. In classic keno, if a player chooses 7 or more numbers and none of them are selected by the program, the player automatically wins.

English Keno

This game differs from the variant described above only by its design, the basic rules remain unchanged. The more numbers the player chooses, the more numbers the player must match to win the game, and the greater the win.

Personal Keno

SmartSoft Gaming's latest version of Keno, which features enhanced design. Your customers are aware of the Keno rules known to any lottery lover, so they are only left to enjoy the game in a truly peaceful and cozy atmosphere. Great catch for all gamblers.

Mini Games

SmartSoft minigames require minimal resources to play them. But that does not make them any less boring or uninteresting, on the contrary, they are available for a higher number of gamblers because playing minigames is possible even on an obsolete mobile device. The quality of the connection is also subject to minimum requirements.

Crazy Monkey

Crazy Monkey is one of the SmartSoft Gaming minigames, it is very fast, simple, and very interesting to play. The main character of this game is, of course, as you can guess from the title, a fun monkey who will help your clients win prizes.

Mini Roulette

Do you want your clients to feel the thrill of the game from anywhere in the world? Then you need to integrate Mini Roulette from SmartSoft Gaming. Roulette is the most recognized symbol of the casino. Luxury, excitement, and simple rules – no wonder why roulette, since its invention, has been so popular in the game world.

Mini Scratch & Win

These real-life scratch cards have attracted the attention of developers of gambling software. As a result, online casinos are already massively offering instant lotteries online. So, do not stay away and order Mini Scratch & Win integration. 

An alternative to a long lottery is provided by scratch cards, where the result is known instantly. The player needs to erase the protective cover to know the amount of potential gain. Even a failed attempt is easily compensated by the purchase of the next ticket.

Mini Penalties

The game for lovers of the most popular sports in the world – football. The player will have the opportunity to score a goal and lead his team to victory in the penalty shootout. The process of the game itself is very fast and exciting – the victory goes up to two points.

Chuck a Luck

A very interesting and exciting online mini-game for a casino, where players on the playing field will need to place a bet on what result of the dice will fall out. A huge dose of excitement and adrenaline awaits your customers. And the variety of bet types will make the game even more interesting.

Lucky Coin

This game will appeal to all football fans. In it, players can feel like a referee on a football field that determines the team's goal by tossing a coin. Which team (from the list of real ones) will win, and with it the player, must decide the case. The gameplay is very fast and simple.

Jet X

This is an innovative game developed by SmartSoft Gaming, and despite the simplicity of the game, it is very gamble. After the player has made the desired bet, the jet starts flying.

The player can win the game at any time, the main thing is to have time to pick up the bet before the jet explodes. The winnings in Jet X are determined by a multiplier that is displayed on the screen. The player can make two bets at the same time and the winning odds range from 0 to infinity.


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