NuxGame provides services on complete TVBet integration. Since its inception in 2016 TVBet has grown to a live game headliner due to its unique business approach. The point is that the provider is initially oriented to customers' needs in each region of the Earth.


To allow players to enjoy real-time gambling wherever they are, TVBet has:

  1. Exclusive functions. The most popular streaming bets, high odds and a huge line for the most demanding players.
  2. HD quality of the broadcast. The real-time games give opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of the casino without leaving home.
  3. System of bonuses. TVBet promotes live games with unique bonuses, promo codes, express bets and a variety of jackpots.
  4. Professional dealers. The charming hosts are one of the reasons why games are so popular.
  5. A lot of games. The player will get all in the provider's gaming offer.

Integrate the most popular games include Keno, 21, Nardy, Lottery (5 bet, 7 bet), Joker, Poker, War of Elements and Wheel on your website.


TVBet Software in Products

The TVbet gaming can be performed on your platform by use of the following products.

Seamless Wallet API

Seamless Wallet API

Take the best from lightning-speed integration into your current website — iframe solution.

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Get ready-made platform within 48 hours - choose the turnkey solution and start growing your business with our software.

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Sport Engine

Sport Engine

We provide the core data engine, that could be shaped at your taste and integrated in your website.

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TVBet API Integration

The reliability of the application programming interface is determined by the methods and technologies used in the development. We offer our clients API Integration using the most modern technologies.

Using the latest techniques and practices allows us to create useful and highly effective TVBet software for integration.

Years of experience in developing safe and reliable live casino solution are a guarantee of the API platform's high quality and the accuracy of completing the task within the specified time period.

TVBet Games


In this game there are 80 balls, 20 of which will fall out in turn. The player will need to guess which ball will fall out by their number, parity, or color. A player can also guess which ball will not fall out. It is a kind of TV lotto.


The faster the player collects a combination, the sum of which is as close as possible to the number 21, the more chances of winning.


A game on the board, where to win it is necessary to predict the number of dice, its evenness or oddness, the sum of the dropped numbers or the total number. You can also bet on a party.

Lottery (7 bet and 5 bet)

7 bet. Here, the TVBet visitor will have to guess 3 out of 7 selected balls to win. There are also such betting options as 1, 2, 4, 5 out of 7, as well as the first dropped out.

5 bet. A game with a similar principle, only instead of 7 balls the player makes a bet within 5 numbers.


It is a game with cards, where the player will need to guess the next card. In the TVBet Joker version, a bet can be placed on a black or red joker, on a suit, color, or number.


This is a card game that can be played by 2 to 10 players. Each of them seeks to collect the maximum poker combination and force others to stop playing. In the classic version, the player has 4 cards in his hand, but there are also versions with 2 or 5 cards. The cards in the game are covered or partially covered. In the TVBet version, the user needs to make the best combination from a deck of 52 cards.

War of elements

This game also uses a 52-card deck. First, the player takes the card, after which the dealer makes the same. The result is compared, after which the winner is revealed.


It is a hybrid of the Wheel of Fortune and American roulette. To start the game, the user needs to guess the color and number. The wheel must be spun 3 times to win, and the player's bet must match the final result.


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