Kiron Interactive

NuxGame offers Kiron Interactive integration - a superior virtual casino developer that has been operational since 2001. With over 100 professional employees, Kiron Interactive consistently provides

games that prove to become player favourites! Kiron Interactive provides a range of virtual games, including racing games, sports games, number games, lottery games, and Turfmaster.

About Kiron Interactive

  • Almost two decades of experience with GLI certified solutions and games
  • Award-winning animation studio that produces excellent graphics
  • A diverse portfolio with 24 virtual titles
  • Games spread across 60 countries in the world

Kiron Software Solutions

Integrate Kiron casino onto your own website through NuxGame solutions.

Website API

Website API

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Kiron Interactive API integration

Nuxgame offers an excellent casino platform to integrate games from Kiron Interactive. All the games provided by Kiron Interactive have been created with advanced flash technology and the latest HTML5. The unique feature of the games designed by Kiron Interactive is the highly enticing themes that capture the sentiments of different players from across the world.

  1. Dozens of virtual games to engage your players with;
  2. GLI certified across the board;
  3. Brilliant graphics and unique themes developed by an award-winning animation studio;
  4. World-renowned gaming platform that provides virtual games for 60 countries across the world.

Kiron Interactive Games

Games are truly the star of the show on any gambling platform. No matter what extra bells and whistles you have going for you, the games you offer will ultimately be the make-or-break deal for your casino. With Kiron Interactive, you can provide a huge variety of virtual games and slots for your players to bet on! Take them on a mesmerizing journey and make your platform the only one that they remember!

Virtual Games

NuxGame is a virtual sports provider which offers Kiron gaming with stunning graphics, realistic audio, and memorable themes. Kiron virtual games are all designed to perfectly capture the online gambling experience for the new age customer.

A smooth and seamless gambling experience awaits all of your players with our diverse portfolio of virtual games! Offer a brilliantly immersive experience to players as they indulge in the joys of gambling from the comfort of their homes. With Kiron Interactive, players get a virtual gambling experience that is almost as good as real life! 

Racing Games

There is something supremely carnal and highly thrilling about racing games. These are the games that continue to bring new players to the platform time and time again! These games have been designed with a unique theme to provide your players with a highly immersive gambling experience. A wide variety of racing games is guaranteed to cater to every single customer on your platform. Hook your players in with exciting racing games like Charging Chariots, Speed Skating and Platinum Hounds. But wait! There's more! Entice your customers with Dashing Derby, Drive!, Jumps, Maxcar Motorracing, and the super fun Slipstream!

Sports Games

Bring sports fans across the world to your platform and make their dreams come true with Kiron virtual sports! Nothing can be more satisfying than betting on exciting sports games and all-time player favorites - football and basketball! Virtual sports, especially virtual football by Kiron Interactive is guaranteed to give your players the time of their lives on your platform! Wow your players with a brilliant sports gambling experience with games such as Goal, Fast League, Soccerbet, WHL, Rocket Shots, Super Hoops, Up N Down, Pro-Pong, Badminton Smash and BullsEye!

Number Games

Don't leave out the math whiz and clever geek from your platform! When your players get tired of betting on sports, what are they going to do? That's right! They are going to head over to the number game section and get lost in a world of figures, numbers and… a chance to win massive profits! Kiron number games are so well developed that they are in danger of stealing the thunder from the rest of the games on your platform! Get your players to fall in love with gambling through number games such as Racing Roulette, Keno, and the evergreen and ever-popular, Spin to Win!

Lottery Games

There is nothing more satisfying than winning the lottery. Just ask anyone who's played a Kiron Interactive lottery game! Let your players set off in hot pursuit of wealth and riches with a highly interactive and entertaining gameplay experience on all of our lottery games! Offer one of the best opportunities for your players to boot a loot with Lucky Loot, or predict the luckiest horse in Lotto Horse. Better yet, hold car enthusiasts in the thrilling grip of Lotto Cars and watch them have a thoroughly enjoyable experience!


Is any gambling platform ever complete without horse racing games? Virtual horse racing by Kiron Interactive is the real deal! Turfmaster comes close to horse racing in real life with high-quality graphics, superior audio, and an advanced game player interface! This is one game that your players are absolutely going to adore on your platform - and an excellent way for you to distinguish your brand! Just imagine! Players who come on the platform to play sports games or number games will leave as fans of Turfmaster!

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If you are willing to take your platform to the next level, begin your journey here with Kiron Integration!

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