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NuxGame supplies live sports betting software and provides businesses with innovative solutions that improves their customers' betting experience. Our modern software allows you to create stakes in real-time - an in-demand odd system popular in the sportsbook industry. NuxGame provides distinct live

betting odds, or as an integrated part of your sportsbook project. In addition, we can help you deploy a ready-to-launch betting website with any odds of your choice. Our highly customizable software allows us to provide any configuration of your choice, one that best suits your targeted market.


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Live Betting Software Solutions

With this software, you get access to the most popular live sports betting odds, gain new players and boost your project. You can also integrate state-of-the-art products or launch a new platform with in-play odds data feed, all powered by NuxGame.

Website API
Website API #2

Website API

Spor ve casino içeriğini ölçeklenebilir ve pratik çözümümüz kullanarak web sitenize entegre edin

Anahtar teslim
Anahtar teslim #2

Anahtar teslim

48 saat içinde tam teşekküllü bir platforma sahip olun - işletmenizi büyütmeye başlamak için anahtar teslimi çözümü benimseyin

Hukuki Hizmetler
Hukuki Hizmetler #2

Hukuki Hizmetler

Hukuki Hizmetler, yüksek kaliteli, uyumlu hukuki desteği sunar. Esnek ve kişiye özel destek sunar ve yılların pratik deneyimi ile desteklenir


Why Choose NuxGame In-Play Odds

We provide in-house, in-play odds software on a wide variety of sports including soccer, American football, cricket, basketball, tennis, boxing, hockey and many more.

Also, with the help of NuxGame's software, you get access to a number of eSports including:

  • CS:GO,
  • Dota 2,
  • Valorant,
  • League of Legends,
  • and many others.

Live Betting Odds Platform

NuxGame provides a full-feature platform with which you can accept live bets for both online and offline businesses.

Asides the live betting engine, we also give solutions for land-based businesses.

NuxGame Retail solution is an adaptable software that allows your land-based betshops clients to make live bets on personal monitors or directly through the cashier.

Real-Time Odds Data Feed

Clients who order live betting software by NuxGame get access to a wide variety of features including:

  • live match trackers,
  • advanced event management system,
  • risk management system.

NuxGame provides a flexible live betting solution for businesses of any level.

Live Betting Software Integration

With NuxGame, you can get any markets and sports of your choice.

We provide both ready-to-launch website solutions and single sports and markets integration into an existing sportsbook brand.

Fastest In-Play Sports Data

NuxGame's solutions help you build a live betting platform that competes favorably, in good time.

More so, with NuxGame's software, you get access to promotional tools for your website or brand's network.

Other Products

Find world-famous and reliable live odds software on our list. Pick from our line-up of next-generation products or select the entire list and integrate them to give your customers' a competitive offers' bundle.

Hazır mısınız başlamaya?

We offer reliable in-play betting software. Contact us to get the perfect solution for your needs.

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