As we kick off the new year, NuxGame is thrilled to announce a series of updates aimed at enhancing the functionality and user experience of our platform. Among these updates, the introduction of GEO Banners control stands out as a significant improvement to our banner management tools, offering unparalleled customization and precision in targeting. Let's delve into the key updates and explore how they contribute to a more refined and efficient platform.

Introducing GEO Banners Control

Introducing "Dynamic Display Builder" – our latest feature that revolutionizes the customization and deployment of promotional banners. This tool is a part of our January enhancements, offering extensive design flexibility with a suite of elements such as adaptive buttons, advanced text editing, and a rich spectrum of colors and gradients. Equipped with geo-targeting functionality and multilingual support, it enables precise, location-based marketing, ensuring your promotional content dynamically resonates with the intended audience.

Enhanced Support for SVG Images

We've expanded our back office capabilities with added support for SVG images. This enhancement allows for sharper, more scalable graphics that enhance the visual appeal and performance of our platform.

Control Panel and Admin Panel Adjustments

In our continuous effort to integrate sportsbook functionalities seamlessly, we've made strategic adjustments to the control and admin panels. These changes pave the way for a more intuitive and streamlined experience for operators.

Advanced Tier Settings and Game Percentage Customization

A new layer of customization is now available with the introduction of tier settings and game percentage adjustments. These features offer operators the flexibility to tailor game percentages and utilize platform tiers effectively, ensuring a balanced and engaging gaming environment.

Provider Table Enhancement

We've enriched our provider table with an additional column that displays the number of enabled games for each provider. This update provides clearer insights and aids in the management of game offerings.

Instant Deposit via CoinPayments

Aiming to expedite the deposit process, we've introduced an Instant Deposit feature through CoinPayments. This feature enhances the player experience by crediting deposits swiftly and incorporates measures to mitigate risks, ensuring a secure transactional environment.

Security and Game Management Improvements

In addition to the above updates, we've introduced features aimed at improving security and game management. These include a scanners detection/blocking feature to mitigate automatic scanning requests and a game disabling feature that allows for more nuanced management of game offerings.

Enhanced Reporting by Platform Structure

Lastly, we've restructured our reporting by platform, offering a more organized and accessible view of games sorted by platform. This change simplifies the process of analyzing game performance and user engagement across different platforms.


NuxGame's January updates reflect our commitment to providing a robust, flexible, and user-friendly platform for our operators and their players. With the introduction of GEO Banners control and other enhancements, we continue to innovate and improve, ensuring that NuxGame remains at the forefront of the gaming industry. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to advance our platform's capabilities.