NuxGame, a leading platform provider, has recently rolled out several exciting updates in May, further enriching their offering and improving user experience. These updates include the introduction of multi-balance platforms, Pix payment integration for the Brazilian market, bonus wagering settings, enhanced casino configuration options, and more. Let's delve into the details of these significant updates.

Multi-balance Platforms: Managing Multiple Balance Types

This new feature provides operators with enhanced control and customization options, resulting in a seamless and streamlined gaming experience for their users.

Providing players with the ability to deposit, withdraw and play in various currencies seamlessly, the enhancement significantly improves the overall flexibility of managing users’ funds.

Thanks to the Multi-Balance feature, the new In-Game Converter will enable players to enjoy games with the provider’s supported currency even if their account balance is in a different one, facilitating smoother gameplay and improved compatibility.

Pix Payment Integration for the Brazilian Market

NuxGame has made significant strides in catering to the Brazilian market by integrating Pix payment, a highly popular payment method in the country. 

Pix is a real-time payment system developed by the Central Bank of Brazil. It has gained immense popularity due to its convenience, speed, and low transaction costs. By integrating Pix payment into the NuxGame platform, Brazilian players can now enjoy a hassle-free and efficient payment experience.

Custom casino categories (hidden)

The ability for operators to create custom categories within their casino lobby is a valuable feature. It not only enhances their control over the gaming offerings but also allows for efficient management and organization. One aspect worth highlighting is that this feature empowers operators to combine games from various providers and create unique game categories that align with their preferences and strategies. This level of flexibility further enhances the overall user experience and sets operators apart in the competitive iGaming industry.

Bonus Wagering Setting

NuxGame recognizes the importance of providing operators with the flexibility to customize their bonus systems according to their unique business requirements and strategies. In line with this, NuxGame has introduced a bonus wagering setting, which empowers operators to determine the balance type that should be utilized for bonus wagering.

With the bonus wagering setting, operators can choose whether the bonus wagering should be deducted from the player's bonus balance, cash balance, or any other specific balance type available on their platform. This level of control allows operators to align the bonus wagering process with their desired objectives, such as promoting bonus utilization, encouraging players to deposit and play with their own funds, or achieving a specific balance distribution.

Enhanced Casino Configuration Options

In its commitment to empowering operators with comprehensive control over their online casinos, NuxGame has introduced enhanced casino configuration options. These updates allow operators to efficiently manage inaccessible games and games in maintenance mode, ensuring smooth operations and a seamless user experience for players.

Display of Demo Availability and Bonus Buy Features in Games

NuxGame has taken a significant step in enhancing user engagement and transparency by introducing visual indicators that display the availability of game demos and in-game bonus purchase features.

With the new visual indicators, players can quickly discern whether a game offers a demo version or an in-game bonus purchase feature. This information empowers players to make informed decisions about their gaming preferences and explore games according to their specific interests.

This feature is particularly valuable for players who want to explore new games or test different strategies without any financial risk.

New color theme for Template 9 (WhiteBlue)

In the latest round of updates, a noteworthy addition was the introduction of a white&blue color theme for Template 9. This enhancement aims to revitalize the visual appeal of the template and provide users with a new design option. 

Game Rating Management

This feature allows operators to monitor and maintain a fair and transparent gaming environment for their players.

The game rating management feature enables operators to oversee the ratings assigned to different games on their platform. Operators can view and analyze player ratings, providing valuable insights into the popularity and quality of specific games. By monitoring these ratings, operators can gain a deeper understanding of player preferences and make informed decisions about game offerings.


In conclusion, NuxGame has introduced a range of exciting updates and features designed to enhance the platform's functionality, user experience, and operator control. From multi-balance platforms and Pix payment integration for the Brazilian market to bonus wagering settings and enhanced casino configuration options, NuxGame continues to prioritize customization, transparency, and user satisfaction.

It's important to note that these updates represent only a part of NuxGame's ongoing innovations. As NuxGame continues to evolve and introduce new features, operators and players alike can expect even more exciting advancements and improvements in the future. 


All information is provided on “AS IS” bases and should be used for general guidance on matters of interest only. The products and services are continually developing.

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Platform Updates

NuxGame counts GumBallPay as latest payment processing partner

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