Platform Updates. April 2023

Platform Updates. April 2023

NuxGame, a leading iGaming software provider, has announced a series of updates aimed at enhancing the gaming experience for our customers and their user. In April, the company introduced several new features and integrations to their platform, including:


  • Multi-factor Authentication: Enhanced account security after failed login attempts.

To enhance account security, NuxGame has introduced multi-factor authentication (MFA) after failed login attempts. This feature ensures that only authorized users can access their accounts, protecting users from unauthorized access.


  • Marketing Reports: In-depth insights for marketing efforts.

NuxGame has improved its reporting capabilities by introducing in-depth marketing reports. These reports provide valuable insights into marketing efforts, allowing users to optimize their marketing strategies and improve their ROI.


  • Company Dashboard: Bonus information widgets for easy access.

NuxGame has also added bonus information widgets to its company dashboard, making it easier for users to access their bonus information. This feature provides a quick overview of a user's bonus status, allowing them to easily keep track of their bonuses.


  • Report Section Rewrite: Improved reporting capabilities.

In addition NuxGame has also improved its overall reporting capabilities. The report section rewrite includes better visualization and customization options, allowing users to view and analyze their data more efficiently.


  • Loyalty Programs: Implementing VIP and tier-based reward systems.

To reward loyal players, NuxGame has implemented VIP and tier-based reward systems. These loyalty programs offer exclusive rewards and bonuses to players who have reached certain levels of play, incentivizing them to continue playing on the platform.


  • No Session Limit & Remember Me: Improved user experience for players.

To improve the user experience, NuxGame has removed session limits and introduced a "remember me" feature. These changes make it easier for players to stay logged in to the platform and continue playing without interruption.


  • Argentina P2P Solution: Kasha Tech integration for the Argentinian market payment.

To make it easier for Argentinian players to make payments on the platform, NuxGame has integrated Kasha Tech into its payment options. This integration allows players in Argentina to make peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, which are fast and secure.


  • Game Provider Integrations: Expanded game selection.

NuxGame has added several new game providers to its platform, including Digitain, Imagine Live, Fa Chai, Pascal Gaming, Espresso, and Alea (pending). These integrations expand the platform's game selection, offering users even more choices and variety when it comes to gaming.


Overall, these updates are aimed at enhancing the gaming experience for NuxGame users, offering more security, better reporting capabilities, and expanded game options. With these updates, NuxGame continues to position itself as a leading gaming solutions provider.

All information is provided on “AS IS” bases and should be used for general guidance on matters of interest only. The products and services are continually developing.

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