Platform Updates. January 2023

Platform Updates. January 2023

NuxGame has just released its January updates, focusing on the Agent System and overall improvements for users.

The new dashboard in the Agent System has been updated with a new style and now includes new graphic elements to provide a clearer overview of important data. In addition, the finance report has been updated with a new table, as well as new functions that allow for the accumulation of commission and its transfer from pending to available.

The agent system now also features additional fields for creating or editing agents, and has received a new style and new roles and permissions for better organization. The new agent transfer feature allows for the movement of agents or players from one tree to another.

A new KYC system has been added to the agent system, along with a new monthly report for both company and agents. For added security, a user block feature has been added after 10 unsuccessful login attempts.

In the company back office, the Sports Control page has received an update with a new page where companies can set priority for countries in sports. Finally, a new method for sports has been added to the API.

Be sure to check out these updates to see how they can benefit you!

All information is provided on “AS IS” bases and should be used for general guidance on matters of interest only. The products and services are continually developing.

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