How To Start an Online Gambling Business

NuxGame Editorial
20 December 2021

The online gaming business is growing bigger these days in every global region. New iGaming projects are popping up here and there as the international market is craving for more slots, table games, and jackpots here and now. Those entrepreneurs who are patiently keeping track of the current economic fluctuations are conscientious regarding the enormous potential of the iGaming sphere. The major issue that tends to stand on the way to success is the lack of expertise that is essential for reaching your goals. That’s why in the present editorial, we will try to fill up this gap - we have prepared several pieces of advice for those aspiring business people who are interested in starting a gambling business.

How To Make a Comprehensive Business Plan

Any business matter deserves a well-thought plan that will specify the main goals, terms of execution, and detailed budget for every step intended by the plan. When we are talking about starting an iGaming business, the first thing that we need to define is the region of operation. It is quite clear that every separate market requires an individual approach. The size of the lift-off budget will be drastically different depending on the jurisdiction you are planning to approach.

The main points of a business plan for gambling business are:

  • Estimate short-term and long-term budgets,
  • Define license type for a project,
  • Prepare a business plan for investors,
  • Schedule terms of execution,
  • Lay down the basis for a marketing plan,
  • Define the type of required software and content,
  • Estimate returns and break-even point,
  • Evaluate the risks.

Even though it may be close to impossible to predict some of those numbers accurately, it is incredibly helpful for outlining the main focal points of the business process. Whether you are a beginner or you already have some experience in the iGaming industry, it is important to prepare a practical online gambling business plan to minimize risks.

7 Simple Steps to Starting a Gambling Business

NuxEditorial has prepared a practical step-by-step guide for business people who want to know how to start an online gaming business. Here we have outlined the key steps you need to follow to create a successful project of your own.

1. Create a business plan

We have created a rough outline for the business plan above. The only thing that we would like to add here - do not make it in a formal way. The better your forecast and outline are, the more viable your project is. So it is very important to invest some real effort in this stage.

2. Decide upon the jurisdiction

The specifics of the entering market determine your project. Depending on the jurisdiction, you would require a specific license, content, payments systems, and different marketing strategy. That’s why it is crucial to decide upon the region of operation in the very first stages of the project.

3. Draw up a budget

Let’s agree, it will be pretty devastating if you run out of money when the project is already launched. At the same time, looking for investments or partnerships for your business is not a last-minute matter. So if you feel that you do not really fit into the budget that you need for the project, it is better to reconsider the financial plan. There are many ways to open a gambling business even with a smaller budget. Alternatively, you can invite a partner who will make an additional investment. In any case, don’t forget to evaluate the risks - never rely on the most favorable financial forecast.

4. Create a gambling website

Creating an original gaming website from scratch is a time-consuming and expensive way to start your own iGaming business. To make your business cost-effective, we recommend choosing one of the practical and fast iGaming solutions from a professional B2B provider like NuxGame. For instance, you can order a ready-to-use gambling website featuring your configurations and template-based design that will be delivered in 48 hours. Otherwise, you will need at least a year to develop and launch the website that will be operating on your own platform.

Ready-to-launch solutions for online casinos or/and sportsbooks are an easy way to build an original iGaming website of your own. Apart from it, NuxGame offers much more than just a basic casino website - NuxGame platform also features pre-built affiliate and agent systems that will facilitate the promotion of your brand. Nux solutions are designed by professionals, they are easy to administrate, and they feature numerous tools that help you to collect statistics and extract vital marketing information from your system.

5. Pick gaming or betting content

Once you have a website, you need to consider how to open a gambling business that will be really appealing to your target audience. At this stage, you need to choose content for your potential customers which will be in high demand in the region of operation. When choosing slots, table games, lotto, or sports events for your casino/sportsbook, we recommend sticking to several simple rules to make sure that you are making an informed and reasonable choice.

  • Conduct research - every audience has its gaming or betting preferences.
  • Make gaming/betting portfolio diverse - it allows to attract different players.
  • Add some top-notch providers - this will make your casino look more credible.

The good thing is, if you are ordering a ready-made casino website, the solution provider can also offer you games integration. You won’t have to contact any other third-party companies or game developers, just choose the preferred games and providers that you want to integrate on your website. The same thing goes for a sportsbook - you need to integrate concrete sports and a real-time odds engine that will allow you to offer both pre-match and live betting events.

6. Launch the website

Before you launch the website, you need to make sure that you can provide high-quality service - smooth operation of the website, fast pages, 99,9% uptime, etc. Make sure that every system is tested, so you will be able to make the strongest positive impression on players right from the start.

7. Launch promotion campaign

These days the competition between casino and sportsbook brands can be pretty tough. That’s why it will be extremely hard to attract the user’s attention without some extra measures. The promotion of your brand shouldn’t be done in a chaotic manner - depending on your budget and the targeted audience, you need to construct a marketing campaign that will make a strong first impression on clients. Also, make sure that you employ affiliate and agent systems since it is one of the most cost-effective ways to attract new clients to your brand website.

Closing Thoughts

The online gaming business is one of the most lucrative businesses you can invest in these days. As a new operator, you have many different options for how to start a legal gambling business. Choose the market of operation wisely, don’t forget to check out the competitors, and build a well-thought business plan before you start. Just like any other business, the gambling business requires patience, detailed market research, and, of course, some help from experts in the field.

Check out NuxGame casino and sports betting solutions that will help you with starting up your own online gambling business and building a powerful, feature-full website of your own.

The materials herein are given for general information and only for your own individual non-commercial and informational purpose only.

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