Expanding The Sports Betting Business

Opportunities for Expanding the Sports Betting Business

The sports betting industry continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. By 2024, the industry is projected to hit $134.06 billion at over 10 CAGR. With technological innovation and mobile penetration, many can bet on their favorite sports like Football, Horse racing, Baseball, Rugby, Tennis, Boxing and more. Starting and operating a successful sportsbook in a competitive landscape like the betting industry demands quick and effective solutions.

NuxGame provides a customizable turnkey online bookie solution for gambling operators within 48 hours. Whether embedding software for improvement or as a whole package to kickstart your sportsbook business from scratch, NuxGame serves both purposes with perks like:

  • Fast and easy implementation and update,
  • Real-time data betting feeds,
  • Responsible gambling for customers,
  • Features major sports, top leagues and tournaments,
  • Custom made odds,
  • Reliable payment options.

What sportsbook solutions NuxGame offers

Every business need is different. Entrepreneurs planning to start a bookie business on a bright note or take it to the next level have other cutting edge solution options from NuxGame.

NuxGame takes all the hard work away from launching and operating a modern sports betting website that meets market demands.

A comprehensive Sport Engine designed to help companies and daring entrepreneurs start a business from scratch on a low budget. The package has enormous betting markets, vast online banking and currencies, a mobile-friendly interface, 24/7 support, and a back-end core to localize your betting business.

Turnkey solution is a ready-made software fitting for small businesses or large iGaming businesses planning to expand. It covers the three segments of running a successful bookie service, which are stunning and customizable front end, sports betting content with promotion, and the admin part.

In addition to online, NuxGame also offers complete retail solutions for expanding or starting a land-based betting business, which combine all necessary software products.

Advantages of NuxGame service

Providing a top-notch gambling experience will stand your sportsbook out from multitudes. The core of NuxGame services is the seamless operation of your business and a high-quality experience for gamblers. What makes NuxGame powered sportsbooks better than others?

Wide range of sports

With NuxGame sports betting solutions, bookmakers can now give punters pre-match and live wagering on over 70,000 sporting events every month. NuxGame software contains every major tournament, top league, and every other notable sporting event to attract punters.

The sports NuxGame offers are Tennis, American Football, Futsal, Soccer, Table Tennis, Basketball, Rugby, AFL, Baseball, Volleyball, Cricket, Handball, Boxing, Darts, and so much more.

Besides that, NuxGame is a solution for every top eSports league which includes Rainbow Six, League of Legends, CS GO, Valorant, Overwatch, and so much more.

Advanced betting odds system

NuxGame offers over 600 unique types of betting odds which are viewable in Fractional, Decimal, or American format.

Legal Consulting

Many potential iGaming operators get stuck here. Regulations are market-specific and tricky. Unlike others, NuxGame provides guidance and insights into the jurisdictions of major markets to prevent legal troubles.

Lifetime Innovative Updates

Online betting evolves with technology. NuxGame helps your business stay ahead of the competition with minor or innovative platform updates to improve the already high functioning and practical solution.

Swift implementation

Setting up a modern and functional sportsbook site need not take months of planning, waiting and testing. It only takes several days to enhance an existing brand or launch a platform from scratch. In addition, NuxGame renders comprehensive guiding principles to bookmakers. These principles make the integration process quick and without complications.

Risk and odd management

Running a viable betting business requires a sound risk and odd management. That's included in NuxGame betting software integrated with approaches like a predefined loss limit to ensure maximum turnover.

NuxGame is a one-stop iGaming provider offering fully-fledged sportsbook solutions for a successful bookmaker business.

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