Platform Updates. July 2022

As part of our commitment to serving you better and helping your business have access to tools that will improve your productivity, we have made some updates to our platform. Here we explain what they are, their uses, and the advantages they hold for your business and, ultimately, your customers. Without further ado, let's introduce you to them.

Tennis Live Event Animation

This feature displays the per-second outcome of tennis matches. This helps you to provide real-time stats for your clients. Everything your clients need to follow the game or prepare for subsequent games, from scores, players, leagues, and timing, is displayed right on the screen.

Risk Management system

Risk-taking is one factor that is inseparable from the world of business, and gambling in particular. We understand this, so we have made provisions that will enable agents to control the degree of risk that clients undertake. You will find this tool very useful if you are an agent with Nux Game.

Financial Charts on the client's dashboard and optimization of financial reports

This feature collates, analyzes, interprets, and presents financial transactions on your account over time. It helps you monitor things like your financial turnover, deposits made by players, countries/ regions where you have gained the most registration, etc. This data will help you make informed decisions that will impact your business.

2FA Authentication

Known as the two-factor authentication. It's a kind of authentication that adds an extra layer of security to your account. Beyond the typical username and password, 2FA may include a biometric facial scan, an OTP, etc. 2FA helps you secure your account against cyber attacks or cyber threats activities such as phishing, password theft, unauthorized logins, etc.

Importance of 2FA

Two-factor authentication helps you to protect sensitive data by ensuring that only the right person can access that data. With this, your customers can feel more secure knowing that their data won't be stolen.

Separation of the KYC module for players and agents players

KYC has always been useful in helping businesses know their customers. With this separation, the KYC procedure is more specific and tailored to players as well as agent players.

Fast track CRM integration

Fast track is one of the companies at the frontiers of innovative CRM operations. Their platform is designed to ease iGaming operations.

With Fast track, you get more things done via one-stop automation, whether it's communications with your customers or what have you.

With this, you have more time to attend to other activities in your business. With Fast track CRM integration, you also get access to customer data which would be helpful to you as you create campaigns and analyze your business' performance.

This takes away the guesswork and enhances the accuracy of your decisions and executions.

With Fast track, you can build player segmentations and know how to better serve each segment. The system enables you to build a stack of customers based on identical attributes, so, as you feed in more customer data into the system, it automatically pushes them to the segment they fit into. This targeted approach to rendering service portrays you as a business with a strong customer connection, making you a relevant entity within your niche.

With fast track, you can also monitor and analyze the performance of your campaigns. This helps you to learn from the failures or successes of the campaigns and improve in subsequent ones. Simply put, Fast Track CRM integration

SMS mailing service integration (Infobip)

Infobip is a popular brand that handles communications services for companies, including SMS, email, chat apps, WhatsApp business, etc.

With our Infobip integration, you can reach your customers faster and efficiently, without fail, through SMS. Infobip is reliable and trusted, so you can be sure that your customers won't miss out on updates, promotions, or any relevant information that concerns them.

Implementation of BackOffice translation and their management through the client's admin panel

Now, you can operate from the back office in your preferred language. We have made updates to the language translations, and they now include languages like Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, French, etc.


There you have it, the new updates on our platform. We are confident that they will be useful to your business operations going forward. Do well to reach out if you have any questions or need further clarification about any of the updates.

All information is provided on “AS IS” bases and should be used for general guidance on matters of interest only. The products and services are continually developing.

Platform Updates June 2022
Platform Updates

Platform Updates. June 2022

Platform Updates June 2022 #2
Platform Updates

Platform Updates. June 2022

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