Platform Updates June 2022

Platform Updates. June 2022

Automatic System for Determining the Level of Risk of a Player on the Platform

We made an improvement in the system security setting, and the system is now able to automatically determine the risk level of a player without any specific instructions; we believe that this would help in making the environment safe, legal and fair for all players. Also, this update would help for better overall security and the endorsement of a fair play policy, players can rest assured that there would not be any mishaps concerning their winnings, and criminal activities such as fraud and abuse of bonuses would be curbed.

Deposit Agent Bonus

We have introduced a new reward system for players who would invite other customers to use our service. This feature has the ability to give agents bonuses to players based on the number of people they can invite. A nice pair to match with the agent system software that lets you build a network with hundreds of agents, sub-agents, and players who would be making thousands of bets and letting you generate income with direct involvement.

The deposit agent bonus is a simple way to earn some bonuses just by inviting your friends to play with you. There is no limit to the amount of people that you can invite, meaning that there is no limit to how much you can earn with the deposit agent bonus. We hope that this would help to increase 3rd party participation in the promotion of brands. This also makes for a nice addition to previous generous bonuses we have in store for our users, such as the promo deposit bonus, promo welcomes bonus and promo affiliate bonus.

Cashback Bonus

A new bonus type has been added to the marketing menu of the system. The cashback bonus, the feature update that gives the player back some of the money used to make purchases, the cashback bonus works on a percentage rewarding the player with cashback.

The conditions for receiving bonuses are set by the owner of the platform. We have added a flexible system of settings in the admin panel.

How Does the Cashback Work?

The player makes bets over a period of time that fit the bonus conditions set by the platform owner. From these bets is calculated GGR - with this GGR the player receives on the real balance of some %.

For example, the client registered on the platform, activated a cashback bonus. In 7 days, he made 100$ worth of bets, won $30, so his GGR is 70. If the cashback settings indicate 10%, then accordingly, the player will receive $7.

Brand control for sports seamless

We have provided more control for our users on multiple platforms, ensuring that the users see the same thing and have the same experience no matter how or where they access our services. If a customer has several sites using our sports software, each brand has the ability to open its admin panel and let them manage their interface for sports. This would help in maintaining consistency through all our platforms and would better present your brand through various e-sports and betting games.

This will help in managing the reputation risk and online reputation that our platform has. We are committed to ensuring our users are able to browse seamlessly on various kinds of betting sites.

New Template

NuxGame has prepared a new ready-made platform template for its customers. Like all our other templates, this one is also multiplatform and multilingual.

The turnkey platform features sections for sports, slots, live dealer games, virtual sports and a bonus section. The live casino section contains a list of providers, and the casino games section contains types of games.

All the company's ready-made templates can be found on the Demo page.

All information is provided on “AS IS” bases and should be used for general guidance on matters of interest only. The products and services are continually developing.

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