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GameArt Presents First Original Table Games Portfolio

3 February 2022

GameArt is one of the well-recognized iGaming developers that is known to online players from all over the world. Founded in 2013, the company has released a wide portfolio of slot games that currently features over 100 original game titles. Also, new games are released regularly to meet the ever-growing demand for their slots.

Until recently, GameArt used to keep its focus exclusively on slot-type games, which are clearly the most popular online casino game genre. Nevertheless, in 2021 the company decided to explore new genres, starting the development of and original instant-play table games for online casinos. Currently, GameArt is ready to offer such popular casino classics as BlackJack, European Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, Video Poker, and Baccarat. Further in this review, we will have a closer look at each of its games and will find out what makes GameArt titles so special.

European Roulette

A classic game is played on a roulette wheel featuring 37 pockets numbered 0 through 36. The bets from players are accepted on individual numbers, colors, and dozens. Also, the player can make split bets putting the chip on bordering numbers. A European Roulette by GameArt offers all gameplay options and bet types that are normally present in this roulette variety.

Speaking of the design and UX of the game, GameArt roulette is perfect for playing from portable gadgets and allows players to alter the view when playing. Also, the game features practical controls for playing from the smallest gadgets.


Blackjack is probably the most popular card game played in every online and land-based casino all over the world. New Blackjack by GameArt looks pretty solid - it’s a thorough blackjack game with a practical interface and minimalist visual style. Once again, GameArt makes the interface of the game as mobile-friendly as it is possible. In all other regards, it is a classic blackjack game that is a must for every gaming portfolio.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is widely regarded as one of the most widespread poker varieties liked by players for its simplicity and fast pace of game. According to the rules, each of the players is dealt 5 cards. The player can see his own hand, but only one of the dealer’s cards. Based on this information, the player makes gaming decisions. The competitor who owns a higher hand wins the game.

GameArt version of the classic card game is very intuitive and offers a thrilling and straightforward gaming experience. All the essential Caribbean Sud Poker rules like hand values, bankroll and other rules are displayed along the perimeter of the playing field.

Video Poker

Since the first video poker machines were introduced in the late 70s, video poker has become a classic entertainment that can be found in almost every casino worldwide. In the majority of video poker varieties, the player does not compete against the dealer but has to collect a payable poker hand to win the prize according to the hand-value paytable. The same gaming mechanics was applied in the present video poker by GameArt.

A Video Poker by GameArt is the most classic version of the cabinet game with easy rules and fast gameplay. Just like other Table games mentioned here, it looks great on mobile, allowing playing poker even from the smallest devices.


It is hard to imagine a basic set of table games without the game of baccarat. The classic card game always draws lots of attention from the players as a casino classic. In terms of design and gameplay, GameArt Baccarat is developed in accordance with the general minimalistic approach defined for the whole table games section and delivers a first-class gaming experience.

Closing Thoughts

Instant-play Table Games are an essential section that can be found at any reputable online casino brand. If you are looking for some high-quality table games like video poker or roulette, you can always check gaming content available for integration on the NuxGame website. You can sort games by providers or genres, explore gameplay firsthand via the demo version that will help you to make an informed decision. If you want to learn more about NuxGame iGaming solutions, games, or sportsbook products, feel free to contact our representative for more information.

The materials herein are given for general information and only for your own individual non-commercial and informational purpose only.

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