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Top 5 Games by Caleta Gaming

17 March 2022

Caleta Gaming is a developer that specializes in the production of instant-play games for online casinos. The company was founded back in 2013 and has a long and successful history of operation on the international market. Caleta Gaming provides services under the B2B license issued by the Government of Gibraltar and has two international offices - in Gibraltar and in Brazil. Caleta develops a wide range of instant-play titles for online casinos, including slots, bingo, keno, lotto, and scratch cards. Altogether, the gaming collection features over 90 original titles. Also, Caleta provides seasonal promotions that are available at online casinos that offer Caleta Gaming software.

In the current blog, we would like to introduce some of the best Caleta games, so you can get the impression of the provider's content, their gameplay features, visual and sound design, etc. We decided to review one best game in each of the 5 genres that are developed by the company. If you are interested in particular games by Caleta, you can always reach their games via a demo page on the NuxGame website.

Gamdom Strike (Slots)

Gamdom Strike is an original slot game inspired by the world-famous Counter-Strike game series. Just like in the original computer game, the Gamdom Slot offers players to choose the side before the launch of the game - the player can join either Special Forces or Rebels. The choice of the side does not affect gameplay in any way. However, it affects the style of your reels and the characters that will appear there.

Gamdom Strike is a fast-paced slot that features multiple bonus options, including wilds, scatters, and bonus symbols. The game has several bonus levels, free spins level, and a mini-game featuring secret bonus crates. Also, you can reach any of the bonus competitions with the help of a “Buy-in” feature that allows players to spend some of the gaming funds to reach the bonus levels. Gamdom Strike has a classic 5X3 grid structure and 243 ways to win.

Bingo Billion Llama (Bingo)

Billion Llama is a British-style 90-ball bingo game that is played with four 5X3 cards. With every next draw, the new combination of 30 balls is presented while the player’s cards remain the same. There are 10 winning combos that are displayed above the playing cards menu. Some of those combinations will not bring the instant win but activate the bonus features. Also, the game allows players to buy additional balls to the 30 balls that were drawn initially. In case the player sees that only one ball is required to hit a big win, this gameplay feature can be very beneficial.

Additionally, Bingo Billion Llama has a colorful design, fast-paced gameplay, and it looks great on both desktop and mobile. Bingo Billion Llama is a classic bingo game with some bonus features that make gameplay more diverse.

Banana Keno (Keno)

Banana Keno is a classic keno game that is played on an 80-number playing card. The card has a traditional 8X10 grid. Ten random numbers are highlighted on the card, and every round, 20 numbered balls are delivered. The players win if at least 4 balls match the highlighted numbers. Also, every player has a chance to multiply the win if the wheel of fortune-type bonus feature is launched after the draw.

Banana Keno has a pretty minimalistic design depicting a tropical forest and the game’s protagonist - a banana-loving monkey. The game has a very simple gameplay, and it looks great on all types of devices.

Atomico Lotto (Lotto)

Here comes a classic lottery game with minimalistic, high-tech design and simple gameplay. The player has to manipulate 4 fields that feature 6 numbers each. Each of the fields can be fully edited - the player has the right to assign any numbers or to generate the random numbers with the help of the corresponding button. Also, 3 of the 4 fields can be disabled, which will decrease the size of the bet by three quarters. Every round, the game’s RNG (Random Number Generator) delivers a 6-digit combination. Once the digit and its numerical order match, the player gets a reward. Note that the first number match brings the biggest win and is calculated according to the separate wins table.

Carnival Scratchcard (Scratchcards)

This scratchcard game is inspired by bright and roaring Brazillian carnivals. The current game has a small 3X3 grid with only 9 symbols hidden under the coating. The game features three types of symbols: cocktails (low-paying symbols), carnival masks (average-paying symbols), and the participants of the festival (high-paying symbols). In order to win, the player needs to get three symbols of the same king on the scratch card. The symbols can be uncovered manually, just like a real-life scratch card, or instantly with the help of the “Scratch All” button.

Closing Thoughts

Caleta Gaming is an international provider of gaming content for online casinos and specializes in the development of slots of various types and lotto-type games. The developer’s gaming titles are available in many international languages, including Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese, which makes them suitable for a wide variety of international markets. In case you want to explore the Caleta Gaming slots and lottos better, visit the NuxGame Demo, where you can get access to the whole iGaming portfolio of 4,400+ titles.

The materials herein are given for general information and only for your own individual non-commercial and informational purpose only.

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