Platform Updates May 2022

Platform Updates. May 2022

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15 June 2022

Phantom Payment Extension Integration

Owners of our bitcoin platforms can now offer their players a better gaming experience as a new WEB3 browser extension has been added.

The web browser extension injects the Blockchain API into the website JavaScript context so that “dapps” (Decentralized App development) can be read directly from a blockchain. This can be used for:

  • creating accounts,
  • initiating transactions,
  • accepting payments via Solana Blockchain,

thereby providing more functionality and versatility for users.

Solana is currently one of the fastest blockchains in the world, and the phantom wallet is one of the best wallets to access Solana. With the phantom payment extension addition, players would find it easier to make payments and withdraw with cryptocurrency. Several types of popular cryptocurrencies are supported, such as bitcoin, dogecoin, and so on.

Loyalty Membership Program

A new impressive feature for our frequent and esteemed users to enjoy, we understand that while playing online games or betting, there are chances that players would come to know each other and hence after some time, might even start playing together. With this new loyalty membership program feature, knowing people and playing with others has never been so rewarding; by getting this loyalty membership program, players can now connect with each other and then create trees under each other, earn extra money from the winnings of the players who are below in the hierarchy. The feature can be used on a wide range of games and can be used by all players. This update feature can be enabled or disabled in the control panel.

Possibility of Verifying Accounts With SMS

A new verification method has been added for better system security and endorsement of a fair play policy, and users can now verify their account via SMS, provided that they input the correct phone number when registering on the site and creating an account. This security update is also to detect whether the player used a real or fake number when registering and further prevents misdeeds such as abuse of bonuses for newcomers. This feature also allows for a more flexible way of verification without having to make contact with customer care or requiring the user to send an email and any other tedious process.

Possible Win Feature

When placing bets or playing games, players can utilize this latest feature that allows them to place a bet without having to specify exactly the bet amount, but they can specify the desired winnings instead. This latest update acts like a bonus and adds more versatility and excitement to your betting games, and increases the chances of winning it big with a relatively small amount. This update feature can be enabled or disabled in the control center.

Export/Import of Transfers

Players can now make transfers between one another easily on the platform, transactions concerning items like in-game collectibles and NFTs can be made, and players would be able to receive or send out different kinds of valuables without having to leave the site. This makes transactions between private entities very easy and convenient.

Be with NuxGame and enjoy all the benefits of our software for gambling business, which is updated monthly according to new trends in the market.

All information is provided on “AS IS” bases and should be used for general guidance on matters of interest only. The products and services are continually developing.

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